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Cars 3 Tour – Road to the Races 

Last month, I found out there would be a Cars 3 Tour coming to NY and I knew immediately I wanted to take Josh. He is getting better at going out and dealing with crowds, and I thought that since it was about Disney’s Cars 3 movie, he would really enjoy himself (the original Cars movie has been his favorite since he was 2 years old).

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It was a free event held at the Atlas Mall in Queens, and I actually won some tickets to get ahead of the line & enter quickly, but unfortunately, I never received them. I decided that wouldn’t stop us, and even though it was a bit chilly & windy, we got up & went.

Cars 3 Tour - Road to the Races
Playing with SnapChat filters on the train 

As my fellow Autism Moms know, waiting and patience is not something that comes easy for our kiddos. I am pleased to say he did very well waiting on the initial line to enter (thanks in large part to our Nintendo 3DS XL). We waited (I think) about an hour and it drizzled on & off (it was an outdoor event), but once we got in, he spotted a booth with a Cars race track set up and zoomed over there.

Cars 3 Tour - Road to the Races
Playing with his Nintendo DS while we waited for the line to move up – We waited for about an hour and he did fairly well 🙂

Cars 3 Tour - Road to the RacesCars 3 Tour - Road to the RacesCars 3 Tour - Road to the Races

We then saw a booth where the kids could make a paper car based on the characters of the movie. It was really windy and we were about to walk away when one of the workers at the booth told us we could take the sheets home to make ourselves.Untitled

After that, we made our way over to a photo booth that was set up by  Crest® and Oral-B®,  providing fans with an opportunity to create a digital postcard with Lightning McQueen and get “Cars”-themed oral care products.  (I’m not posting that picture because I want to keep some pics “private”, just for the family album for Josh to look at once he gets older.)

Once we got our photo, we spun the wheel and Josh won a full sized Crest toothpaste featuring Lightning McQueen.😁🚗

Next, we walked over to a trailer where they were showing a 20-minute preview of the new movie, but unfortunately, the power went out in the trailer and we didn’t get to check it out.  🙁Untitled


We decided to end the afternoon by going over to the life-size Lightning McQueen and the 2 new characters introduced in Cars 3 – Jackson Storm & Cruz Ramirez – to snap some pictures. We had to wait a little bit but nothing too crazy. Josh kept asking me if he could get inside Lightning McQueen lol, but I told him they’re not real and we couldn’t actually do that.Untitled


So excited he started doing strange poses lol


When we finally left the event, we went inside the ToysRUs that was in the mall and although all the Cars 3 merchandise was sold out already, Josh picked out a small motorized mini race track to take home. The last thing we did before going home was walk to a local pizzeria for some dinner.

Overall it was a nice experience and it gave us a chance to step outside of our comfort zone. The amount of time we spent on the train & bus getting there and back was definitely longer than the time we spent there, but I’m still glad we got to go and we had a nice time.🤗



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