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Where’d you get this money from?! It’s a mystery!

Last Friday afternoon, I got a phone call from one of Josh’s teachers. She tells me that Josh pulled $22.50 out of his jacket & was showing it off and giving some to his friends.

She asked him whose money it was, and he said it was his. This is why she called me, to confirm his story.

Well, it caught me completely off guard and I told her I had no idea where he got the money from. I quickly thought, he’s been grabbing money from my bag lately (but he comes & shows it to me) in an attempt to get me to take him to the store. I told her maybe that’s where it came from, but to go ahead & hold it until I could talk to him about it when he got home.

About 3 minutes after hanging up, it just suddenly came to me. I put Josh’s jacket on to go to the store the night before (yes, I fit into my 8 year old’s jacket, no I don’t want to talk about it😩😂) and I left the money in the inside pocket.🤦🏻‍♀️

I had to call her back immediately, so she could laugh with me & so she’s not out here thinking my son is a thief & shit. I told her he must have been so confused with the whole ordeal. She told me that he was so funny, he said to her, “it’s a mystery! Check the cameras!”. 😂

I’ll tell ya, for a kid who went from saying his first words at around 3 years old, to this, is something that just makes me so happy. Some say TV is bad for kids, but most of Josh’s speech has come from phrases he’s heard from different cartoons. In this case, he repeated a phrase he heard & used it in the right context.

Shiiiiitttt thanks TV!

Signed – proud momma here 😁

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  1. Lmfao “it’s a mystery! Check the cameras.” LOVE IT! and word to the mother about TV helping out tremendously! 👌😘

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